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The MediFacial Lounge

The Midlands premier medically led provider of skin health solutions

MediFacial Skincare Advice

Improve Your Complexion and Your Skin's Health

With so many skincare products available that claim to even skin tone, reduce wrinkles and improve hydration separating fact from fiction to find products that really work for you can be difficult.

Expert skincare advice is not found in chemists, supermarkets and department stores or online. True expert advice comes from trained skincare specialists who are passionate about achieving healthy, vibrant skin for their clients and use the latest skincare analysis equipment and medically proven skincare ranges and facial treatments that really work.

Expert Skincare Advice Tailored For Your Skin's Needs

The MediFacial Lounge is a revolutionary new concept in skincare available at MediZen – the Midlands premier aesthetic clinic.

We bridge the gap between providing expert advice on proven skincare products, alongside simple but effective facial treatments that really improve the health of your skin.

Many ‘facial’ treatments delivered in spas or salons are nice to experience but don’t necessarily improve the health of your skin – in fact they can actually overload your skin with products and cause breakouts.

MediFacial Treatments

Healthy Skin = Beautiful Complexion

MediFacial treatments, such as HydraFacial, use a combination of medically proven steps where you can see instant results after just half an hour.

They are painless, nice to experience and a series of treatments will improve the function and health of your skin to give you a beautiful complexion that you’ll love.

The MediFacial Lounge provides you with the best professional skin care solutions based on your skin’s actual needs. Using a combination of in-depth medical knowledge and the latest, cutting edge, scientific diagnostic tools like the Canfield Visia 2D system our skincare experts independently assess your skin; then - based on your individual needs – make recommendations on skincare regimes and products that will work best for you and provide real results that you can see.

Decide today how you are going to look tomorrow and invest in your skin; healthier skin = a hydrated, glowing, smooth complexion

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